Lifestyle change is a difficult process. Sustaining positive lifestyle changes
aremore difficult than making the changes in the first place. Individuals require
support, understanding and assistance to make and sustain positive lifestyle

In addition to our health risk assessment screenings for high blood
pressure/hypertension, high serum cholesterol/cardiovascular risk,
glucose/diabetes, obesity/Body Mass Index, Emaya Health offers educational
seminars and workshops on health issues that provide continuous value to aid
and sustain the lifestyle changes participants.

To schedule a presentation seminar and workshops, please contact us at
508-284-0030, visit us in suite 102 at Emaya Health Risk Assessment Center,
Worcester or simply
contact us. Each presentation is approximately 45 minutes
to an hour. If you don't see a title that you like or if you would like to combine
topics, we can tailor a program to meet your needs. Click on the links below for
presentation and workshop
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Educational Seminars and Workshops for Preventive Health Solutions
You and Your Health:-How did being physically active get so complicated?
This presentation emphasizes the importance of physical activity to health. The audience will
be able to list the components of fitness, list the four essentials when planning a workout,
and identify myths related to physical activity. This presentation is good for all levels of
fitness and will help beginners to plan an individual work out plan.
High Blood Pressure and Nutrition: The Secret of Sodium:
This presentation is about an the health risk factors that contributes to both heart disease
and stroke - high blood pressure or “hypertension.” High blood pressure is often referred to
as the silent killer and the American Heart Association says that one in three adults in the
United States have high blood pressure and the cause of 90–95 percent of the cases of
high blood pressure is not known; however, high blood pressure is controllable and
At the end of the program, participants will be able to understand what the blood pressure
numbers actually mean, and will be able to learn and recognize where to find the hidden
sodium in our diets and they will be able to do something about it to take charge of their
Healthy Living To The Top: Living within the food pyramid
This presentation looks at calories, food portion sizes and the food guide pyramid. The
participants will be given the chance to explore different types of calories to better equip
them to make healthy dining choices. After completion, Participants will be able to recognize
menu vocabulary that indicates higher fat and calories versus a lower fat and calorie choice;
and what the claim of zero trans fat means.
Calories and Sodas:-The war of weight management:
After this presentation, the audience will be able to recognize important nutrients and their
functions, recognize the nutritional value of the food guide pyramid, and understand the
importance of maintaining a diet which is balanced and full of variety.
Sometimes listed on a food label are nutrition descriptions such as “fat free” or “cholesterol
free”. This presentation will show how to decode the food label lingo and help guide food
Type 2 Diabetes Prevention: What role does nutrition play
Heart disease and stroke account for about 65% of deaths in people with diabetes and
adults with diabetes have heart disease death rates about 2 to 4 times higher than adults
without diabetes.
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Know your health numbers
The information  is a quick overview of the tests that Emaya Health offers in relation to health and wellness promotion. This is not intended to be all-inclusive or diagnostic.
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