Emaya health provides cost effective on-site screening with measurable results,
while letting you make the most of your greatest assets, your employees. On-site
screening offers staff convenience, accessibility and time-efficiency.

Our corporate preventive screening program includes:
  • Health screenings
  • Health promotion seminars and presentations
  • Personal health risk assessments
  • Weight management
  • Electronic health education information

Our services also include personalized coaching and targeted interventions based on
the health status and unique behavioral profile of each individual.
According to the Surgeon General, more than 70% of America’s workforce is
inactive, and lack of exercise can lead to chronic diseases like heart disease,  
diabetes and obesity. Some organizations understand that getting employees active
will significantly benefit their bottom line. This is demonstrated in with the
inactivity cost calculator, which shows how cost can be lowered if there is a
preventive wellness program

Our integrated, "Know Your Health Numbers" programs meet the needs of each
organization. We customize each program solution, offering the ultimate flexibility
for your organization and help shift the focus from the cost of health care to the  
value of preventive health.

Emaya Health helps employers better ensure their health care initiatives will achieve
desired results. As an expert resource that assists employees in making smart
health care decisions, our programs result in direct increase in employee
productivity and overall savings in health care costs for both the participants and
the sponsoring organization.

Why participate in our workplace wellness-screening program?
Our wellness-screening program will
  • Improve employee health
  • Reduce use of health care benefits
  • Cut down rate of absenteeism and increase productivity
  • Lower health care costs
  • Minimize the use of worker's compensation/disability
  • Reduce injuries
  • Increase morale and loyalty

Our preventive screening programs are instrumental in keeping people on a healthy
living path, especially in offices and other environments where the employees are
sedentary for significant portions of the day.

Emaya Health's screening and education programs translate into fewer injuries, less
human error, and a more harmonious office environment. It also lets your
employees know the organization is concerned about their health and well being.
Investing in your most important asset (your employees) through our wellness
screening and education program will create a positive impact on your bottom

Contact us to learn how to incorporate wellness promotion as a key part of your
company's health initiative.
Preventive Workplace Health Screening
This information is meant to compliment the advice and guidance of your physician, not to replace it.  Discuss any major change in your diet or activity level with your
doctor before beginning any exercise or weight-loss program.
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