At Emaya Health, we do more than screening, we work towards helping participants
know their health numbers. Through our one-on-one counseling, we encourage
at-risk individuals to make lifestyle adjustments, follow-up with their physician and
adhere to any prescribed therapies. We also follow up with seminars and hands-on
workshops on various health issues that keep individuals continually engaged in
taking control of their health.

The health risk assessment screening, health awareness educational seminars and
motivational hands-on workshops are the foundation of the Emaya health programs
through which individuals become actively participate in health prevention on a
personal level and become a part of their health care team.
The Emaya Health Advantage
Integrated Approach to prevention services
Emaya Health, Inc
Emaya Health
Know your health numbers
Quality Assurance
Emaya Health Team
Emaya Health staffing resources include Health Promotion Associates from various
backgrounds- medical, nursing, exercise science, nutrition science and others.
These Health Promotion Associates (HPAs) complete a comprehensive training
covering the following areas:
  • Importance of screening
  • Testing protocols/porcedures
  • Reporting
  • Quality control
Health Screening at Emaya Health is not intended to be diagnostic. Those at risk
will be advised to see their personal doctors or another health professional.
Emaya Health is committed to providing high level of service through our attention
to  quality assurance and regulatory compliance.  Emaya Health is CLIA-certified,
enabling us perform CLIA-waived testing. CLIA (the Clinical Laboratory
Improvement Act) is a Federal mandate aimed to standardizing clinical laboratory

In addition, our employees are required to adhere to Privacy agreements that
ensure strict confidentiality of any result data that is available to them as part of
their employment.
Promotion and Communications Support
communication is essential to the success of any Health Screening Program.
Emaya Health offers various communication materials and methods to use during
and after the Health Screening Program and includes:

  • Health screening/health fair schedule posters and flyers
  • Customizable memo announcing the screening or health fair event
  • Information line for participant's questions
  • Educational hand outs
Our screening programs, health fairs and educational seminars are designed to
help individuals know thier health numbers, and be a part of thier health care
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