Blood pressure Screening
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Healthy arteries are flexible, strong and elastic. If you have high blood pressure, the
increased pressure of blood flowing through your arteries can gradually cause a
variety of problems. Anyone can develop high blood pressure or hypertension and it
can happen at any age. The good news is that high blood pressure can be controlled
and prevented with frequent high blood pressure screening and other health risk
assessments. You will avoid the complications such as hypertension, stroke, heart
attack, kidney problems, eye problems, and death.

The most common severe condition in individuals with hypertension is arteriosclerosis
because of the excessive pressure in your arteries from high blood pressure which
altars the cells of the arteries' inner lining  leading to events that make the artery
walls thick and stiff or hardening of the arteries. Circulating fats pass through the
altered cells and accumulate to start the process of atherosclerosis.

These changes can affect arteries throughout your body, obstructing blood flow to
your heart, kidneys, brain and extremities. The damage can cause chest pain
(angina), heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure, stroke, dementia, eye blood vessel
damage, peripheral arterial disease and aneurysms. High blood pressure forces your
heart to overexert itself.

The high blood pressure numbers you need to know are:
  Systolic blood pressure
Diastolic blood pressure
greater or equal to 120 mmHg
greater or equal to 80 mm/Hg
121-139 mmHg
81-89 mmHg
Type 1
140-159 mmHg
90-99 mmHg
Type 2
160 mmHg or higher
100 mmHg or higher
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