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Emaya Health offers health risk assessment screening
for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, body mass
index (BMI) and health awareness initiatives to health
organizations, employer groups and event based
community outreach organizers.

Disease Complications
Knowing Your Health Numbers is important to you, your
family, friends and colleagues. The earlier you know your
health numbers, the better the chance you have for
treatment options for hypertension or high blood
pressure, high blood cholesterol, type 2 diabetes,
overweight, obesity, heart disease and stroke.
Prevention of these disease complications leads to a
more productive and satisfying healthy life. Health
Screening will identify risk factors. This will motivate you
to take care of your health before you need to take
corrective action.

Adherence to Treatments
Knowing your health numbers will encourage adherence
to prescribed medication treatment, adherence to
nutrition and physical activity adherence for those
identified with risk factors or disease process. Lifestyle
coaching can motivate individuals with specific health risk
factors to make lifestyle changes and improve their
health. Prevention and proactive lifestyle choices will
reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses because
treatment is started early.

Preventive Strategies
Emaya Health's strategy integrates the principles of
health promotion, disease prevention, quality health
care solutions and adherence to medications. This
strategy is designed to improve community wellness,
keep healthy people healthy and improve the health of
those who are not. Emaya Health Screening is a tool
that helps individuals understand their health risks and
what they can do to adopt and maintain a healthy
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Health Screening
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Know your health numbers

Health testing and
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Health Risk Assessment - Know Your Health Numbers:
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Know your health numbers
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